i am melissa. i am a wife, mother, DIYer, gardener, & foodie who is obsessed with cooking & baking, and passionate about sustainability. i love using fresh seasonal ingredients & whole grains to feed myself, my family & my friends.

i believe in the 80/20 principle: healthy choices 80% of the time and anything goes the remaining 20% of the time. this principle is about sustaining healthy habits over the longterm rather than “cleansing” or “being good.” basically the idea is that you’re eating for a happy & enjoyable life, and can finally get off the roller coaster of trying to “make up for” eating foods not on an approved list.

the 80/20 principle is great because it can apply to all areas of life, not just food. one of the main ways i apply it is with eco-friendly practices, like choosing metal or glass straws over plastic. or remembering to bring my own containers when buying from the bulk foods section (still majorly working on this one). or buying used clothes, toys & housewares. it means acknowledging that no one is able to make the most environmentally friendly choices 100% of the time! we each have to find that balance — between what works best in the moment and which changes we can make for the long haul — which is precisely at the heart of sustainability!

i am excited to be able to share more about sustainability with you in my recipes, posts & stories. i hope that i can inspire you to not only make insanely delicious & nourishing food, but to practice a more balanced & sustainable lifestyle with a wide margin for imperfection!

you’re the best!